Hi there!

Hello blog!

And hello to all you bloggers (and non-bloggers) out there who happen to stumble my way! 

Well.. this blog has undergone some neglect in the past, but nothing like this! I can’t believe I haven’t been on here since June?! oh the shame. 

To tell the truth, I was working abroad for a while. And with NO laptop!!!!!!! I am sure you are all wondering how I coped. And imagining how you would cope too in the same situation!! It was a struggle, let me tell you that. But I did it. And I am home now and reunited with my trusty laptop (technically it still belongs to the boyfriend, but we will continue to go on acting as though it belongs solely to me :P)

There are going to be some changes around here! If any of you happened to know this blog when I first started it, you may see that it has already undergone a few changes. But it is not yet complete! No, no. I am spending my “spare” time fiddling around with pixelmator and browsing the bloggersphere for inspiration! (I say “spare” because at this moment in time, my entire day is my spare time!)

This blog isn’t the only thing to be changing up a bit. I am changing too! But we will save all that for another post. For now, I just wanted to stop by and shine some light on this little blog of mine and to say hello to anyone who happens to be reading this. I hope you stick around :)